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Junior Masterchef Challenge


Last Friday my class did a Junior Masterchef Challenge.

We had 7 groups of 4 and I was with Victoria, Holly and Ella. We made a Caesar salad with a egg net over the top of it. It tasted really nice! My mum was a judge and she gave us full marks! šŸ˜‰My group and I were really proud of what we did. Our presentation was good but it was really stressful during that hour and a half. Our end product was very green and there wasn’t as much colour as we hoped. Victoria and I made some egg nets. (They wern’t that good.) The ones that Ella and Holly did were a lot better! So we used their’s. Whilst Victoria and I were making the egg nets Ella and Holly made the salad.

The other groups did a chocolate mousse, a lime tart with vanilla mascarpone cream, fish and chips, a Victoria sponge cake, sushi and a chocolate milkshake. We got to taste all the food at the end and it was all really nice!

This is what my group made:

Well done everyone šŸ˜‰

– Zoe!!:) šŸ˜‰


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This term the teachers decided to do an Inquiry together. ( What I mean by that is that the 2 year 6/7 teachers set a inquiry for all those students that are either in Pam Thompson’s class or Mr. Mac’s class.) The unit question is: Is water more precious than gold? You have to do 4 tasks of your choice and 1 extra task that you have to do. There are 7 task al together. So far I’ve got 2 tasks finished and I think I have finished a third task but I want my teacher to check it first and I’ve started the other to which is good. So I think I am going good so far! šŸ™‚

Regards Zoe!!:)

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Hey everyone! Lately in the classroom we have been doing alot about heroes! Pam my teacher has given us a project to do. Firstly we had to write a report card about the person you choose. Then you had to write a 2-3 minute speech about that person. My opinon would be that I didn’t do as well as I thought I’d do for my speech but anyway it’s over and done with! By the way my hero was Nelson Mandela. He was my hero because he tryed to bring recociliation beetween the black and white Africans.

Well thats all for now folks! Until next time goodbye!Ā  Zoe!:)

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School holidays


Hey everyone sorry I haven’t been putting posts on lately is because I have been having so much fun in the HOLIDAYS! Firstly me and my school got 2 weeks off. So in the first my Grandma (Sue) was very kind to take my sister and I to a very new swimming center! It was loads of fun! Then I had some friends over we had fun as well, some days I just relaxed at home with my family and watched movies! Also I went shopping with my cousin’s that was fun but I ended getting up no clothes! (Oh well!) Then the second week came by and I didn’t really do much but my Grandma took us out again to play golf! That was fun as well!! So to add it all up I had heaps of fun in the holidays hopefully everyone at my school had fun as well! Comment about your holiday or any fun holiday anyones had!

Well thats all for now!!:) Until next time Zoe!

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Hey everyone, sorry I haven’t been posting lately but it’s mainly because of camp! We went for 3 days with 2 other classes. So it’s 3 classes all together. All the activities that I remember are: Rock climbing, vertical challenge, earth ball, screen printing, archery and lodas more if anyone one remembers what the other activitiesĀ that went to camp with me comment on wich one you remember. We all had dorms and I was in dorm number 5 with all my friends. All the instructers that instructed the activities were really nice as well. By the way the food was good as well.

Well bye for now! Zoe:)

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Cluster Disco


Hey everyone! The Cluster discoĀ was heaps ofĀ fun because heaps of schools from the Adelaide Hills came to my school and we all had a MASSIVE disco. So that means alot of people so that means it was sooo LOUD you could only just hear when you gotĀ out! But it was still loads of fun!:)

Bye for now!


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Hey everyone! A couple weeks ago we had a volleyball clinic. It was awsome because we did spikes and serves and loads of other cool volleyball things! I know for a fact that nobody in my class enjoyed it! Let me tell you I had a fun time as well!

Untill next time bye Zoe!!:)

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Fair Trade


Hi everyone! In class we have been doing things on Fair Trade and all the students hadĀ to do a speaking presentaition. Also everyone got paired up unless they wanted to goĀ alone. But I was paired up with Victoria, and we did it on the Friday with some other presentations. Oh and Victoria and I also made a Fair Trade cake! Hopefully everyone in the class liked it!

Thats all for now everyone! ByešŸ™‚

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Hi everyone!!

Lately me and my class are doing things we our buddies and one of the things is publishing a storybird for them. Mines for my buddy Eva and its about a little pink elephant that has no friends and eventually on her adventure she finds lots! So hopefully she likes it! Also the rest of my classes storybirds are great as well!

Bye for now!!

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Skype with New Zealand


Hey everyone!

On Wednesday (in S.A.) my class and 2 other classes did a Skype party with people from New Zealand! In New Zealand there was 4 other classes. Firstly a couple of peopleĀ introduced themselves in Maori and then the boys did a traditional dance, then they all sang a song. Next me and my friend went up and did a Kaurna acknowledgement, then 2 people from one of the other class did a presentation with pictures that they printed about our school’s new AboriginalĀ snake DreamingĀ painting. Next someone from the class next door to mine talked about AFL. After that we sung Waltzing Matilda.Ā Then 2 people from theĀ other class did a quiz about the song we sang (Waltzing Matilda) nobody fromĀ N.Z. answered them correctly. Then a couple of people from N.Z. showed the damper that they made (we sent them the recipe). Finally we just asked questions to each other. Then we said goodbye and hung up.

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